Accounting, Payroll and Productivity System (APPS)

DSWA created the Accounting, Payroll and Productivity System, or APPS for our clients who are looking for solutions to deal with the complex daily, weekly, monthly and annual financial activities facing their business. APPS allows you to focus on your business, while allowing DSWA to provide you with useful financial information and guidance. Because you are one of our most valuable clients, we want to help you make the most of our services and maximize your cash flow at the same time.

How we can help

  • Accounting (including QuickBooks consultation and reports)
  • Payroll and payroll reporting
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Preparing sales tax reports
  • Other financial consultation

How you can save

  • We help you analyze your needs for our services.
  • We annualize your combined charges and calculate a level monthly payment.
  • Save on postage and checks by using your credit card or electronic payments.


  • Create your budget for the coming year with confidence. You will know your DSWA monthly fees for a 12-month period.